Song to my mother Anna-Lisa Emrén

After my mother Anna-Lisa was dead, I sat for an hour or so at the side of her bed. I was remembering, praying and singing songs that she used to like. While singing, a new song came to my mind. It was inspired by her life and ancient melodies.

You may download the the song here. To keep the file size reaonoable, I have compressed it using MP3 technique with a sampling frequency of 24 kHz. This means a certain erosion of the sound quality as compared to CD, but it will give you an idea of the song.
Ljuset som lyst för dig, MP3, 958 kB

The song is in Swedish. An approximate (shortened) translations follows below.

The light that has followed you through life is knowing you.
He leads you to the Land of joy.
There, you will walk upon green meadows.
Someone come to meet you there,
One who got your heart long ago.
In joy, both of you walk up to the throne.
Who sits there is the source of love and joy.
Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
As is, has ever been and shall ever continue from eternity to eternity.